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Honda motorcycles, known for their reliability, high-quality engineering, and attractive design, have been popular with consumers since their introduction in 1949. Although the company has produced a wide variety of models throughout the years, some specific Honda motorcycles are widely considered classic models.


A recent article on the Motorcyclist website provides an ascending list of what the author considers to be ten classic Honda motorcycles. The first of these bikes is Honda’s Super Cub, a 125 cc, step-through bike that has been widely used for decades in developing countries worldwide.


The next bike on the classic Honda list is the Honda RC51. Similar to a racing bike in design, this 1,000 cc motorcycle features a V-twin engine and an aluminum alloy frame. In production from 2000 until 2006, the RC51 is still a favorite machine for lots of riders.


Honda’s huge, Gold Wing touring bike is the next model to be honored on the list. The author of the list says that the 2001-2004 Gold Wings, with their 1,800 cc engines, are particularly noteworthy.


Next up is Honda’s VFR750F V-4 sportbike, which also resembles a racing bike. This very fast, 750 cc motorcycle was made during the 1980s and 1990s and has been used extensively in racing.


Produced from 1992 until 2003, the CBR900RR—commonly referred to as the Fireblade—is the next model on the list of classic Hondas. This sleek and attractive, 900 cc sportbike is known for its lightweight and high performance.


The 650 cc Hawk GT NT650 occupies the next spot on the list, and although it wasn’t Honda’s biggest seller, the author of the list says it’s now a cult classic.


Arguably one of the best-looking of all the Honda motorcycles, the GB500 occupies the next space on the list. Inspired by the classic British single bikes, this air-cooled, 500 cc model features a cafe racer-style design. This Honda model was lightweight and featured a kick-starter as well as an electric start option.


Rounding-out the Motorcyclist list of classic Honda motorcycles are the VF750F Interceptor sportbike, the 1,000 cc road bike CBX1000, and the massively popular CB750.