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No matter your personal feelings against electric motorcycles, the reality of the situations is that they are here to stay. This is due to the increased popularity of the electric car and the fact that more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious about their decisions. However, just because those two things are justified, are electric motorcycles all they are marketed to be? Read on the learn a few of the pros and cons of purchasing and using an electric motorcycle.


Pro: They Rely on Electricity


Perhaps the most obvious pro to these types of motorcycles is that they rely on electricity to work. Although it really depends on the battery of an electric motorcycle, the average cost per 100 miles for an electric motorcycle is about $2. Of course, this also varies within each region of the country.


Con: Upfront Cost


When consumers go to check out the types of electric motorcycles they have in stock, one of the things they’re going to notice is the price for just one. Because electric motorcycles are still far and few between, production takes a lot longer with a lot fewer people. Because of this issue, the price of one motorcycle is often very high. However, some will justify the price for not having to pay so much in gasoline and repairs.


Pro: Little-to-No Maintenance


Traditional motorcycles take a lot of maintenance to keep running properly. This can lead many to see owning as a daunting feat to take on. However, electric motorcycles are a great product for any level rider as they require little to no maintenance. This is because they don’t have any batteries, oil, valves, or air filters.


Con: Charging Time


Although mileage is a significant reason as to why so many are switching to electric, there is one thing that usually isn’t talked about, which is charging time. Unfortunately, charging your electric motorcycle isn’t as easy as placing the pump inside and waiting two minutes for it to fill up. Although factors such as the type of battery should be taken into consideration, most electric motorcycles will take over ten hours to fully charge. Although charging times are certainly improving, they are nowhere near the time it takes to place traditional fuel just yet.