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Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, but it’s also an activity that is inherently dangerous. Choosing good riding gear can seem like a large obstacle, but these decisions will impact your safety while you’re on the road. It’s tempting to wear regular jeans on a ride, but ask a seasoned biker and they’ll be able to tell you why that’s not a good idea. 

Good gear matters because it serves as protection against the sun, rain, wind, noise, debris, and pavement. The sun can burn you, the wind can deafen you, and at the speeds that motorcycles can reach, the road turns into a giant belt sander. The most crucial benefit of good gear, however, is crash protection. While it may seem superfluous, it’s better to have riding gear and not need it. Whether you’re a novice to motorcycles or an experienced rider, here is a list of essential gear for any motorcyclist. 


The first piece of gear to be on the list is the helmet. Helmets are of paramount importance, and if you were to invest in at least one piece of gear, it should be the helmet. Some states have laws that require the use of helmets while operating a motorcycle. Your head is arguably one of the most important parts of your body, so you best protect it. Helmets come in many different styles and configurations, and when choosing one, make sure that it’s comfortable. Ill-fitting gear causes more harm because it can be a distraction, and the last thing a motorcyclist needs is a distraction. 


Motorcycle jackets are designed to resist abrasion and are usually made of leather or textile. Additionally, they can keep you dry and comfortable in bad weather conditions with water-resistant membranes. Jackets made specifically for motorcycling have unique features for the activity that you won’t find in regular jackets like doubled seams and adjustable air vents. Additionally, they should have body armor made from an impact-absorbing material that cushions your body in the event of a crash. 


The first thing you are likely to do in the event of a crash is instinctively reach out with your hands to stop yourself. Unfortunately, your hands are quite fragile. To protect them, invest in a good pair of gloves made from strong, abrasion-resistant materials. Some gloves offer armor at the base of the palm, which is a great feature because this is where your hands will land in a crash. 

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